Walk the Talk on Climate!

April 23, 2018. Albany, NY.

We have free buses from across New York!

In a time of record-shattering hurricanes, with our federal government bought and sold by the fossil fuel industry, states like New York must lead fight against climate change. But for all his talk, Governor Cuomo is taking too little action.

That’s why on April 23rd, New Yorkers from across the state are descending on Albany to tell Governor Cuomo to walk the talk on climate. From Rochester to Rensselaer, Buffalo to Brooklyn, we will join forces to demand 3 bold actions to fight climate change, create jobs, and ensure justice for all:

  1. Stop all fracking infrastructure projects

  2. Move to 100% renewable energy

  3. Make corporate polluters pay

Governor Cuomo says New York is a “leader” on climate change and that it is “gross negligence” not to address climate change. He also says that he has taken “decisive action.” However, the reality is that New York is drastically behind on our renewable energy goals. Only 3% of New York’s electricity comes from wind and solar. Cars, trucks, buildings, and other sources (aside from the electric grid) make up 80% of our emissions — but we're falling behind on cutting back there, too. New York continues to be a conduit, storage, and dumping ground for the fracking industry, harming us and our neighboring states. This not only contradicts our goals but the principles of Environmental Justice, human rights, and stewardship of the Earth.

On April 23rd, join this energetic and family-friendly march and rally outside the Capitol building that will include an opportunity to participate in a civil disobedience action. This will be the largest climate rally ever directed at Cuomo in Albany. Join us in demanding that #CuomoWalkTheTalk and get New York #OffFossilFuels!


  1. Stop all fracking infrastructure. Stop permitting more gas and oil pipelines and power plants, which destroy our air and water while locking in decades of climate pollution;
  2. Move to 100% renewable energy in a rapid and just transition that creates tens of thousands of good, union jobs, and investment, especially for low-income communities and communities of color;
  3. Make corporate polluters pay for the pollution they dump into our atmosphere, which damages our health and destabilizes our climate. Then use the money to fund the just transition to 100% renewables.

Learn more about three campaigns in New York to meet these demands: Stop NY Infrackstructure, Off Fossil Fuels, and NY Renews.

Note: When you join this rally (as an organization or individual), it does not mean you are endorsing any particular piece of legislation. However, we will all be marching alongside many campaigns of various kinds – and all of the partners involved in planning this event are excited to be teaming up to put united pressure on Governor Cuomo on these general demands. See you on April 23rd!

Day Of

The march will assemble at noon on April 23rd in the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood of Albany, a few blocks away from the State Capitol Building. Governor Cuomo’s Power Authority has proposed to build a polluting new fracked-gas plant in this environmental justice neighborhood to power the Empire State Plaza. The proposed fracked-gas project is one of the many fossil fuel infrastructure proposals that we demand Governor Cuomo halt across the state, demonstrating the need to move to 100% renewable energy and make corporate polluters pay for the transition.

We will assemble in front of the proposed gas plant, and then march shortly afterwards to the Capitol itself. This will be an energetic and family-friendly march. Bring signs, art and organizational banners - and get ready to be loud! At the Capitol, we will rally and then enter the building in four organized groups to move us through security in a swift and organized manner. Please note: do not bring wooden sticks, instruments, or any metal items you don’t want to be confiscated.

Once inside the Capitol building, we will converge on and around the Million Dollar Staircase, a large interior space open to the public that is close to the Governor's office, where we will make our demands loud and clear. Activists who have participated in direct action training for this event and are willing to risk arrest will then commence a non-violent civil disobedience action with our collective support in a nearby location. We encourage everyone to stay and support as the protest escalates, but people and/or organizations may wish to leave at this point as trained volunteers will be taking non-violent direct action to send the Governor a message that he must Walk The Talk On Climate. (Read more about participating in civil disobedience and an action camp to prepare, below.)


  1. Varies
    Free busses departTimes vary per location. RSVP to see bus info.
  2. 12pm
    Meet & rally at 79 Sheridan Ave, AlbanyLocated in the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood.
  3. 12:45pm
    March from Sheridan Hollow to West Capitol Park Contact us if you have mobility challenges and need a ride from Sheridan Hollow to the Capitol.
  4. 1:45pm
    Rally at West Capitol Park: "What do we want?"
  5. 2:10pm
    Participants going through security to enter Capitol Building
  6. 3:15pm
    Rally at Million Dollar Staircase: "Why are we here?"
  7. 3-4pm
    Civil disobedience action begins nearby Ralliers stand in place to cheer on our brave friends putting their bodies on the line to demand climate action.
  8. 5pm
    Ralliers catch buses back home! If you would like to stay later and be part of the support team for civil disobedience participants, contact us.

Action Camp

Note: Registration for the day-long action camp on April 22 is closed. But we still need you to make this action possible!

If you wish to participate in or support the civil disobedience team, please join us for one of several regional prep meetings. We need diverse hands participating on this team – if you would like to be involved in a support role and not risk arrest, there is a definite need for you! To change everything, it takes everyone.

In these meetings, we will do a deep dive into our movement toward climate justice and why civil disobedience and direct action are necessary at this stage of our movement. We will consent on and practice our plan for April 23rd, assign roles, make art, and also build solidarity and community with other activists from across the region.


Check out our outreach toolkit – it contains sample tweets, sample email blasts to send to your organization members or community, and downloadable, printable fliers to hand out.


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